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Eat Good. Drink Good. Feel Good. Good Vibes Only!

About Lyt Restaurant • Bar

LYT is a completely original concept combining elements influenced by real life experiences through various travels and adventures across many different countries and locales. Our goal is to illustrate that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor in the pursuit of a healthier diet. This effort also applies to our menu items that are catered towards the bar atmosphere in which we offer healthier traditional fare by our use of natural ingredients.

Originally hailing from California but having spent significant time living in both Hawaii and Las Vegas, the owner and creator of LYT, has infused her vast dining experiences with her own personal pallet. Her open mindedness and free-spirited nature lend to her belief that you should try everything once as you will never know what you may or may not like without experiencing it.

The restaurant / bar concept reflects our belief that everything in life should be a balance. This applies not only to what you put into your body but how you live your life. Work and play have to go hand in hand in order to have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. The key to this is moderation in all aspects. At LYT, this is what we strive for and we hope we meet your expectations.

Come visit us! We’d love to meet you and hear your thoughts on what we hope proves to be a remarkable and memorable experience at our establishment. GOOD VIBES ONLY and LET’S GET LYT!



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